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What's your theory on his death, and the whole "Not in his own clothes" thing?

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In the future, if we have the ability to travel to the moon as easily as traveling by aircraft is in this era, would you want the original Apollo landing sites to become tourist attractions so anyone who wants to can visit? Or would you prefer that they are forever left in situ and off limits for preservation's sake?

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Hi Tim - Thanks for this AMA. It is a refreshing change from the typical AMAs where somebody answers questions for an hour and then flies off never to be seen on Reddit again. You are spending time answering each question in depth, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. It's brilliant.

My question involves modern recording equipment. It seemed so much easier for an up-and-coming musician back in the day where recording a demo involved a tape, recorder, microphone, a good song, and some playing ability. These days somebody can have a full recording studio right in their own laptop. Musicians not only have to be songwriters and players, they need to be recording engineers too. Sometimes I feel like the gear can get in the way of the performance, when more time is spent tweaking the equipment rather than tweaking the song.

Do you have any suggestions how to break through my technophobia, or should I embrace the equipment available and spend the time learning the tools as if they were an instrument themselves? Most of the time I tell myself "Nah, why bother" and my songs go unrecorded, which is bad for a variety of reasons.

Edit: I realize I should've said that my ultimate goal is releasing songs online, so at some point they need to end up digitally formatted. I'm not just recording so I don't forget them. I could pull out my old Tascam 4-Track for that...

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Hi Robby - Is being an author a potential fall-back career, in case the whole music thing doesn't work out?