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Hello Warren!

  1. You've championed a style of systemic design which, especially in the 2000's, was very rare. I feel like very systemic games in the style of Deus Ex and Theif are just now coming back into mode, though they're still not at the forefront. As money pumped into pushing pixels yields limiting returns, do you think systemic design will come back in a big way?

  2. You've been so fortunate (or savvy) to work on stuff that you just love. Disney properties, original IPs, just so many cool, innovative things. I speak with a lot of developers that have to spend a lot of years slogging away on licensed projects that they just loath in order to get the chance to work on something they have real passion for. Whats your advice for positioning yourself to work on things you love?

A little while ago you agreed to do an interview for my small website. You were really friendly and gave me excellent answers. I was really grateful for the opportunity and It was a great experience. Best of luck in Austin and with whatever comes next.