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Kenji - I love everything you do.

I have a pressure cooking question. This year I was gifted an instant pot. It's fine, I use it for normal pressure cooking things.

THE QUESTION: Does a "quick release" really dry out meats? My understanding of meats is that their internal moisture content is governed by the heat they are cooked at, and the subsequent contraction of proteins.

People in instant pot communities continually say "natural release only" as this is supposed to "keep meats soft". But they are still being cooked at the same temperature!

Can you solve this for me? Nobody can provide me with legitimate information one way or the other.

Thank you!

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Since you won the Drake award, have you been on your worst behaviour?

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I initially read this as "Manly Mozart".

Now, my question is "can you make a group called MANLY Mozart, and play Mozart in the Most Manly way"?

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What is the most insane space-related conspiracy theory you have ever had to reply to in a real life, face-to-face conversation. Like:

"Oh hey, I want you to meet my buddy Al. Al, this is Jake. Jake is a drilling engineer. Al is a retired astronaut".

"Great to meet you! Hey, have you ever been to the set where they filmed the moon landing fakes?"