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Thatcherist_Sybil6 karma

Hello Diana. A wonderful and interesting career, you have my utmost respect. Some questions I always sought to ask: have you contacted or were you contacted later on by any caller you aided, for whatever purpose (gratitude, more talks, follow-up, etc.)? Do you wonder what way some of these folk tread, and do you have any way of finding out?

Thatcherist_Sybil5 karma

Thanks, that is what I was interested in. And the thing I would, personally, find most challenging. To be able to help, yet, also be able to let go and place trust in both yourself and those you converse with to find common ground and to part feeling better than when you got the call... and to hope they will fare good after they put down the phone.

I couldn't do it, most likely not. I am too much an emotional brick to listen and aid, but too emotional to be able to let go. Congratulations for being able to do what you do, and keep it up.