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Thanks for the AMA. Did you ever have to stop a movie for any reason? And how did they get the person who was pirating out? It's impossible to pass through filled seats!!

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I was in the jewelry business (my mom's boyfriend works as a bench jeweler and hired me to clean jewelry and his desk) I collected a LOT of gold dust from his work desk and the personal one at home. Do those places buy those?

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Thank you for this amazing game. I don't play anymore but earlier on I learned a lot and met a ton of people who I actually had the privilege to talk to in real life (might have been against the rules but it was bound to happen!) I hosted a party for my 99 firemaking haha, it was awesome. I had a BUNCH of memories with Runescape, I'm glad it was a big part of my childhood. So just thank you!

P.S. My mother hates you all for taking me away for hours upon hours from my duties haha