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ThatSubstanceD8 karma

I hope for the best in every regard my friend, as long as you keep trucking, life ends up, in a very fucked up, roundabout sorta way, that if u give out love, u receive love, not from who you want, but from who u deserve, and probably have some sort of affection for as well. Overall , through the act of bettering yourself, you are doing the best you can for every last person on this rock. Keep going man, we all have fairly insignificant roles to play on the physical level. However, that is transient, well t least what is told to me, that we are only here for seemingly a flash, which may feel like an eternity at some points, yet we are still animated for a reason, once that reason is up. Cya, truck or cancer or something, sadly, the only certains are life and death, cause I'm certain you have thought about fucking the IRS.

Don't know u, but feel for you, how u get out of the chicken coop Mclean, can do a lot for a lot. Trust me. Or don't, hope it works out either way man !