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Has there ever been a time where a kid tried to hit on you?

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Biggest food craving as of right now?

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Living in Arizona our budget for schools isn't "good enough" to have healthy food, but the lunch ladies do deal with a lot of shit from kids at my (middle) school. I try to be as polite as I can when I do eat lunch which I rarely do but I have a few questions I would love for you to answer!

  1. Out of 5 stars what would you rate your schools food?

  2. What the nicest and meanest thing a student has said/done to you?

  3. Do you consider your schools food "healthy"?

  4. How do the kids get in line and order food? For me in elementary we the lady in front of the door to get food would get our teacher and name but, in middle school we have to remember our matriculation number.

  5. What's the students favorite food day? (Pizza day, ham day etc.)

  6. What's the grossest thing you guys serve? (precooked or cooked either one)

That's all, thanks! Edit: Added a few questions.