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That--Guy56 karma

Otherwise he would have caught the beat down right?

That--Guy55 karma

But why turn around? Why not close your eyes really tight till you start seeing those bright lights and moving shapes. What are those called mr jeopardy

That--Guy50 karma

Why am I only getting 1600 when going through the American opportunity credit when I paid more than 4000 in tuition. Thought it was 100 percent of first 2000 then 25 percent of next 2000

That--Guy36 karma

Why should I do it incognito? Is it dirty? ;)

That--Guy19 karma

I made 17K. If I went through a tax preparer vs turbo tax online, would that change the outcome? Because I paid 4700 towards school but am only getting 1658 back. Or how can I make that number reach the 2500 mark.