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Thantastic4 karma

Hi Hugh! Wow, thanks for answering every single question thus far and congrats on your achievements. I’ve read various other Q&A’s you’ve offered and have always felt so inspired by you.

What advice, motivation, or encouragement would you give someone who wants to get started on a similar path and has ideas, but is feeling nervous about things like lack of writing experience or beliefs that their story is not that original?

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It’s cool seeing the very beginning of your journey. Hope it launches with a bang! Questions:

You mentioned receiving offers for film/tv rights, did you accept? Was the $$ appealing enough and can you give us a general idea of how much?

Do you just pay the illustrator per page or does he get a royalty of sort for any copies you sell?

Do you have an ending in mind for the story? How long can you conceivably keep going for?

Thantastic2 karma

Thanks, Hugh. I’ll repeat this more often. Today has brought me some serendipitous reminders and I’ll take unexpectedly exchanging words with you as the greatest sign for action.

I hope to get to your level one day, do an AMA like this, and credit you for the inspiration. Looking forward to more of your work.