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I have a 6 year old border collie who has been fairly anxious most of her life. For example, when we lived in apartments and the unit above us would be walking around making noise, our dog would get scared and go hide in the bathroom (thankfully, soon we won't have someone above us anymore.) Also, sometimes on walks, she will get nervous and just kind of shut down and completely refuse to keep moving. Those are a few of many examples of her nervous ticks. She is such a sweet girl and a good dog. Should I be taking her in to a vet to talk about this, and is dog anxiety medicine something that works without side effects? Thanks for your time, Dr. Evans.

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She was a border collie mix we got from the shelter. We've moved twice to try and give her more space, and soon we are moving into our first house, which should be wonderful for our dog. We are active people and hike a lot, and have always tried to get her the exercise she needs.

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Thanks haha I love that dog more than anything. Here's a nice pic of her on the beach!

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Thank you

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If you weren't a musician, what career profession do you think you'd have?

And, which one of your own songs do you enjoy playing the most?