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This is exactly the issue. Precedents matter. I don't know how Congress can be functional if threatening financial collapse is seen as an acceptable way to build a pipeline for oil. How do you remain an economic power in the world when investors can't trust that the US will make payments on its debt every 6 months?

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It is shocking that in 2016 we are talking about this problem. Lots of questions come to mind:

  1. Notable Cable Muckraker John Oliver discussed how companies like Tyson manipulate chicken farmers into terrifyingly asymmetric contracts. On which end is more worker abuse happening, on the cash strapped farmer side or the packaging side?

  2. Are the workers citizens of the US? Or are they held hostage by recent/not so recent immigration to the US?

  3. Aside from developmentally disabled dinosaurs chickens, are there other industries in the US that abuse employees like this?

  4. What can I as a random internet person do to help?

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The experience of millennials obviously is distinct from that of its immediate predecessors - but is there historical analogies if we look deeper in American history, or that of other countries? I’ve often wondered if GenX of Japan after their 90’s economic crash isn’t a useful (if distressing) analog.

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You saw lots of the world during that war - were you able to revisit any of the places? If so, what change stood out the most to you?