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I wonder if it also has to do with how labor laws are written. To my knowledge anyone who is salaried is technically a manager and managers don't unionize. I've worked companies that pay terrible salaries instead of hourly wages to save money, this is vastly the normal work situation in the US. Also jobs that aren't traditionally unionized need to be but there are so many barriers both legal and cultural, it's disheartening. I think that kills unions.

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So if you say "I think therefore I am" what happens when you stop thinking? If you attain your original face you see there is no such thing as blaming or morality those are all just ideas. So if you really realize and come back to this "Don't know" mind (what Bodhidharma said when the emperor asked him who he was) or non thinking or non holding of ideas, then there is just acting in accordance with the way.

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Amituofo Shifu, Besides the study martial arts what is your practice and what are the general practices found most commonly in your lineage?

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There are so many positions described in there that should be able to unionize but are extempt.

I'm not a labor lawyer so maybe you can explain. Are saying exception or not from FSLA is the dividing line for unionization?

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Do you study only study meditation or do you practice? Your description doesn't sound exactly like what Ch'an/Zen teaches.