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I make $2000 a month working 40 hours in a union shop, homeboy here is making $2500 while also being a student.

I’ll take selling LEGOs all day every day.

Though I’m sure there is some other caveat.

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Asking the important questions.

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Hey man, super cool you’re doing this, and crazy to think that it only cost you like 5 grand.

What was your favorite stop on your trek across America?

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Lmao, In the video OP linked in the description, OP literally describes entering the US illegally. He was then detained, but the video just says “he was one of the lucky ones and was released”. He’s an American citizen now, but he was not when he entered the US illegally.

Edit: just read a comment from OP that said he was denied a visa 4 times, and at that point decided to enter the country illegally as he wasn’t able to do it legally.