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Th3pinkrabbit3 karma

When are you going to release more details about UCB... its been over a month since you were going to say anything. Why such a long wait after the launch?

Th3pinkrabbit3 karma

Do you contract Everards to brew Punk IPA for you? Do they or have they ever canned beer for you?

Due to demand and installation of equipment would you ever contract out your beers?

Th3pinkrabbit1 karma

I honestly was thinking that was the case. Alot of people are waiting for something to happen. Siba, camra and the rest dont seem to fill the gap and promise that this has.

Basically, if you want it to happen, like alot of brewers do in the uk. Please work together for some compremise. Dont get our hopes up. The UK needs a nudge sometimes....