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That’s a very good point, thank you for the advice!

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I’d imagine he got started making videos solo/with few people that had very low/no budget. This is based on me trying to get started making my own shorts, and all the advice I’m seeing says “Fuck all that shit, get your phone which has a good enough camera in it, and make something. Doesn’t matter if it’s trash, just make it.”

Then again I’m just an amateur and know basically nothing about this stuff, so I’m probably wrong. Just trying to share the little knowledge I have

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What do you do when you become creatively exhausted?

I am just getting started in making my own short films (have a few comedic shorts in mind, but also want to make some more dramatic ones). I am writing out breakdowns of each short, and it takes a lot out of me. I find after writing out one or two I want to take a break for like 70 years lol

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So this may not be the kind of question you’re looking for, but what are some good things to start learning for web development? What languages and programs would you recommend to a CS major who’s never touched Web Dev?