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That blows. Sorry dude.

Edit: Thanks for the nearly 100 upvotes. Couldn't imagine why my post karma went up so fast....

Double Edit, Thank you for the 112 upvotes, and 100 points.

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No friends? That just won't do. I'll be your friend, if you wana make a new friend. :)

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What's a food that most people would probably pass over on the menu for one reason or another, that you definitely recommend everyone try at least once?

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I'm a bit late to the game but what the heck. I'm pretty good with accents(I can nail about 5-6 spot on, with a hand full more I'm iffy with) and good with changing my voice.

I also happen to be a smoker(which is a voice I can do well(The 2 pack a day old woman voice you hear in a lot of cartoons) ) Is there still a chance I would be able to get a gig if i really applied myself to getting out there in the vocal world? Or is SMOKER a big red flag??

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Indian, Irish, Japanese-English(Think Sonny Chiba in Kill Bill), Southern(Georgia/South Carolina area), and English(UK)