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TextileWasp29 karma

when you get a new dolphin for training are the other dolphins cool with hanging with the new guy?

do they teach each other stuff and enjoy this or do they kind roll their eyes when you try to show them new things?

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hmm. probably both a myth and not a myth.

if you’re looking at something for the 1st time you’re going to get the same deal. if you look at the same thing multiple times and you have cookies on, the site you’re using may track/use that to actually bump the price. it may also matter at how many things you’re looking at (ie if you look at the same flight every day -> price bump. if you look at 1000 flights every day, probably not)

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well. it depends. you’re the NPC or the main character. Also, the claim was that it doesn’t need to render everything (think multiplayer where everyone sees their own screen but they share a common world)

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Where do I send my resume?

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any tips on how to deal with my mother in law?

i know that technically she’s not a glacier, but some of that know-how must be transferable, right?