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What are some key ways that we can change how we use social media to interact with the world around us to reduce the feelings of anxiety and stress that many of us feel when we use it? In the world we live in, its not always feasible to simply not log in and not use it.

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CollegeHumor obviously had a dramatic year in 2020 - with Sam taking over as majority owner, losing the funding of a massive parent company, then the pandemic forcing any production they could do to be remote. Shows like d20, Um Actually, and Game Changer have been able to continue, but represents a really different shift in the type of content CH fans have been seeing for almost 20 years. We've seen similar problems from similar companies, like Smosh.

From your perspective, do you think its possible for indie comedy content creators like CollegeHumor to grow and become self-sustaining? Is that a model you think will work as the internet continues to shift?

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Hi guys, big fan.

Jon, I just finished The Wilderness (which was awesome) and what I came away with is not knowing what message the Democratic Party is going to rally behind and around. On recent PSA episodes though, you've talked more and more about healthcare - mainly the concept of Medicare for All.

Do you believe that Medicare For All should be the plank in the platform that all Democrats believe in and push for? Is that the message that will energize the base and shift the power away from Republicans?

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Thanks for your response Jamie. First discovered TWLOHA with the Between The Trees video "The Way She Feels" and that song, Renee's story and your writing made a huge difference to 16 year old me trying to get through high school. It wasn't until I was an adult that I finally got into therapy and started taking medication to help me with my depression and anxiety disorders, but TWLOHA and the music you were connected to still makes an impact with me. I don't know if I'd be here with you.

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What’s one trend at your local parish and/or denomination as a whole that worries you about the future of your belief system and one that is exciting/encouraging?