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And the problem with a good education is what exactly?

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Hi! Interesting topic. I don't drink, don't do drugs and fall asleep easily, but somehow I dream a lot and I remember most of them the next day. And they're weird as hell. Because I remember them it feels like I'm tired all the freaking time. Can being tired be linked to my abnormal (in my eyes) dreaming?

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So can I compare it to Bernie?

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I tend to sleepwalk a lot but I stay in bed. After a while I manage to figure out I'm in bed and I can go back to sleep. This happens a lot when I sleep naked, less when I have clothes on. What gives?

I also dream vividly and a lot and it wakes me up. Waking up so many times makes me feel tired during the day. Any tips doc?

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Well... I know compassion and love for your fellow human beings go a long way and that's better than some trolls taking away some karma. Let them have their fun.