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I hope you can see this and can answer.

What is the best way to provide the best evidence that you are NOT addicted? I am a pain patients whose mads were cancelled by a reckless GP who didn't even check my medical history (and I know this because they hadn't arrived to their office yet and I have been really suffering.

Like thousands of other pain patients, I've NEVER abused my medication but no matter how matter of fact and pragmatic you are and how much you know and how many medical records you bring and copies of scans and other tests, the doctors these days have non-falsifiable conformation bias that pegs all pain patients as drug abusers/addicts even though there is plenty of evidence that pain patients have been scapegoated by the system and those that abuse meds are a tiny minority, under 5%, yet this cull is causing strokes, heart attacks and other pain comorbid health issues and many MANY suicides. (Kind of rhetorical question here, why isn't suicide in the pain patient population taken as seriously as in other populations of medical conditions?)

I even considered going to an addiction specialist to try and disprove addiction behaviors (ie not seeking illicit drugs for non-medical reason, and for some reason I don't have a detox effect when I cease even quite high doses of opiates/opioids even though I'm been on them some time, so I don't get sick- but then I realized that if I had an addiction center in my charts, that is as far as the skeptical doctors would read when checking my history and they would assume the worst. Funny story about that, I told a doctor I didn't detox when stopped opiates and all she heard was "detox" and assumed I'd been to a detox center somewhere. they really ONLY hear what they want to hear.

Please can you help us? The unjust accusation is unethical, inhumane and it's a violation of basic human rights, but it is getting worse and many people are losing quality of life completely and dying

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Thank you :)

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Hi, thank you s much for doing this, what an awesome career you have!

When I was little there were two bronze dinosaurs in front of the museum, I think a sauropod and a triceratops, IIRC - I have a very early childhood memory of my dad lifting me up on one and climbing on the tail and how parts of them were polished from kids climbing them and wanting to be big enough to get to the back of the sauropod but I was too small. I went back as an adult in 2002 and they were gone. They were really special <3

What happened to them? Where are they now?

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Hi there thanks for all your amazing work.

I was reading an article about mistakes in early reconstructions of models (thinking of how they used to think a mastodon skull was a cyplos but they were way off) - but looking at a pachyderm skull, one might have no idea that they had big flappy ears and trunks. Have dinosaurs been checked for large muscle attachment sites that might suggest some had trunks or big flappy ears or any non-bony articulations like that? (I always liked the idea of a sauropod with a tapir snout hehe.) Thanks!

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Is being a "deeply reactionary society" on a detail like this worth so much suffering and so many lives? This kind of bias is illegal most countries.

Many people like myslef have been evaluated many times and have been to many doctors. I've been in pain so long that it's outlasted the careers of a few and the best ones I've had have retired out. The thing is that there confomation bias also says that if you try and find a good doctor, you are "doctor shopping" and thus again in their eyes, "drug seeking", and there is only so much you can do before the negative bias and scrutinization wears you down and this is where suicides occur. Also people with untreated pain just cant trit trot out to every doctor in town, getting about is excructating. So we suffer this medical maltreatment and community solation as many people assume that if doctors aren't helping us, we are lying and the doctors assume that if we don't have support and advocacy from family, we have decieved them. The GPs say go to the hospital and the hospital says go to your GP. This kind of hot potato from every angle creates dispair and is alos contrary to every pain model out there like the pain gate model and the biopsychosocial models of pain mangement so they are screwing us from every angle.

It's surprising the suicide rate isn't higher.

Suboxone has terrible side effects in some people (me included). It is also more addictive than mu opiates. If addiction isn't an issue, why would anyone take it? Why would I go on that? Isn't it extremely bad form to tell someone online that isn't your patient and you don't know their conditions to take a specific medication?

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Thanks. My post was deleted by a bot because I'd forgotten to phrase my question in a way that makes the Almighty Bots Happy, so here it goes again. The system is broken and it is things like this that make it worse.

I'm really proud of you for doing something and following through. I was assaulted and reported it to the police (my back was badly injured to the point I need a walker now) and the cops did NOTHING they didn't look into it at all even though I knew who the guy was and he'd drugged me and that could have easily killed me and everything. The stress and the way people reacted _because_ the cops did nothing (others came to the conclusion I was fabricating because the caps were inactive) gave me bad PTSD that morphed to agoraphobia. Cops need to take this more seriously.

So what do/can be done to get police and other law enforcement agancies to do their job in a serious assault?