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With regards to the 30-odd individuals who stopped taking the medication post-trial period, was there any common explanation given as to the side-effect that caused most (or a majority of that "leaving" group) to stop?

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Thanks for the awesome response! Hoping you the best in further development/tuning stages

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Seroquel is the worst bullshit being pushed to people who don't need it, this doesn't surprise me (>40% rate of prescriptions/addictions among female Canadian inmates)

Took it for about a month once (was for sleeping issues- so way off the labeled rec), had tons of problems like notable ear-ringing throughout the night which ended up making the problem worse

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Did you interview any residents you ran into? If so did you ask anything regarding changes over the past 10 years from their perspective?

As a writer in Detroit, what do you feel is the public attitude to the progress (or lack thereof) happening at the moment? Have there been any promising solutions or ideas proposed?