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Any plans on more 'adult' series like samurai jack in the future? WILL SAMURAI JACK HAVE AN ENDING?

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I think I just peed myself.

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I have a ridiculously controversial question.

What's the most radical treatment you have considered (e.g. chemical castration)?

Would you do it if you were guaranteed to decrease/remove the pain?

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Did you go to mainstream schools growing up?

I remember when I learned what cerebral palsy was (when I was 18!!). I was immediately furious because I felt like society had tricked me into thinking these people were mentally retarded when, fuck, they're just as smart as me if not smarter.

I have been harassed by devotees/people with fetishes in the past when I first began to use the internet.

Do you think you'd have a different attitude if these 'devotees' weren't creepy losers?

What is a devotee?

This is a really awesome AMA. Sorry if my questions are lame!

Edit: I changed a word to seem less ign'nt

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We don't like Chuck Norris anymore. You must h ave missed that while you were sleeping at AOL.