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We can clearly see this product was a hit. Can you tell us about one of your failures, or inventions that didn't "take off"?

Thanks for making childhood a blast

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Was it an instant success? How long did it take to become popular?

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Thanks for humoring us with your answers and for creating the best watergun in the history of mankind

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I see what you're saying, but this redditer may have a point.

Anyone can send anything to amazon and sell it through consignment. I think Walmart (just the website) may be doing this also.

Maybe it wouldn't put your product directly at a hospital, but it would likely be a short drive from most major cities in the country. This could save people if you could onboard these companies for allowing pickup. Bet they'd be happy to. Hospital needs your medicine but doesn't have it? Short drive to go get some at 3am.

P.S. Your daughter is nailing this AMA. Replies everywhere, it's great. Youre doing good too, gramps.