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How big of a role does social media, like Reddit, play in the massive uptick in depression among users?

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How will giving $1000 to citizens help when they are supposed to be quarantined?

seeing as how it has no benefit after the run on stores my next question would be, what is the benefit of raising the debt ceiling... as that is all that would be accomplished

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The US Treasury prints money, or rather transfers digital currency when the Federal Reserve tells them to.

The Federal Reserve can also loan money to banks, with interest, with the level of interest set by the Feds 8 times a year, called the The Federal Fund Rate, although they call it a Discount Program when the feds do it.

Bottom line, extortion of taxpayers is around every corner.

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Will the US continue to make vaping the devil, totally ignoring UK models of success, until Big Tabacco takes over the market? Is that why it is only Juul being attacked, because they are 65% independently owned and Marlboro's vape flopped in the US. All other major vape companies are 100% owned by the tabacco industries.

it's always about money over morals

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What are the steps you take to push propoganda through media? When consulting on invading people's privacy, do you pay by the 10,000 people or is it a flat rate?

It is well known that the media has laws and court cases protecting it's legal lies. Everyone's info is on a server and used as a roadmap to see what propoganda works.

How did you specifically help the media? Did you push the "it's only a flu" or the "everyone stay self quarantined and we'll give you $1000 you can't go out and spend, but you'll pay it back and then some next year?"