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All star breakfast. 2 eggs (I prefer over easy) bacon (or sausage if you're some kind of heathen) hash browns (I get mine doubled, all the way) toast (cinnamon raisin toast with apple butter) and a waffle.

Get it with coffee cause their coffee is good too.

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Not that it counts for much in the big picture, but you'll get my vote. As long as I'm back in the country anyway. Does the re-election begin after may?

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It's been my waffle house go to meal for like 12 years now. I rarely deviate

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Thanks for helping to bring a little bit of sense back into our schools.

Have you ever eaten at Bayona on Dauphine? Its a great restaurant and you should try it if you haven't.

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What kinds of boundaries, rules, etc do you and your husband have for the open relationship part? How often do the rules end up changing, even if just a little?