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I love that it looks like you've had this account for multiple years and the only thing you've used it for is to troll Jon in an AMA.

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Is there some kind of central administration or organization for support staff like medics? How do you coordinate where medics are needed, supplies, etc?

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Generally speaking not a problem in most of the world. The East coast of Africa and a few areas in South East Asia are really the only bastions of piracy left, and even those are fairly depleted from 20-25 years ago. Generally speaking, piracy against corporations that have insurance and professional negotiators is the best business decision for pirates. Yachts don't have cargo to sell, and personal negotiations with emotional family members are unlikely to go anywhere.

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His plan doesn't even meet the "basic standards" rule though

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Follow up to the less serious questions: What do you think could have been done differently during Operation Anaconda? Gothic Serpent has been analyzed extensively, but I don't think most people are as familiar with Anaconda. Mission planning, QRF, etc? What are the biggest lessons the SF community has taken away from Anaconda?