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Looking at branches and thinking you see a person. I don't think I've ever heard codebreaking so beautifully put. I tinker with computer programming, mostly game mods, and when I reverse engineer existing lines this is exactly what it feels like.

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That's fantastic! My 12 year old recently felt he was ready to stop his meds after working really hard on his coping skills. Are there any samples of this music available for the public?

Edit: apologies, on my phone and missed the link. Are there samples available on YouTube?

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I've been playing online video games since the MUDs back in the 90s. However, with the rise in Teamspeak and Discord, it's getting harder to hide my gender (female.)

Do you actively hide being female, or not correct assumptions? Do you have alter egos?

Edit: autocorrect.

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I played your Sober/All I Want for Christmas mashup for my sister on Christmas. I loved how well they for each other. I'm also a fan of Frog Leap Studios, who do metal covers of popular songs.

I noticed in your video you have a ton of instruments. How many are you proficient with?

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I have always considered myself a "Jack of all Trades" so I love finding out there's more to the phrase! All in all, great videos. I can tell you now I'll be sharing your work with friends/family every December. So in advance, thank you for sharing your passion with me and those I hold dear. All the best to you!