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"...Oh my fucking god." Utter shock and anger, sadness, hateful, and in denial. I didn't know how to react. My wife and children were killed.

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Yeah, very vehemently. They were angry that the man was being sent away - from their perspective, taken away. They said they were glad that my family was dead and that it's too bad I didn't die too. People can be very ugly.

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First question: I'm 54. I'm somewhat mobile, and need a wheelchair when I need to walk more than 50 feet. I have disabilities of congestive heart failure, renal failure, occasional blackouts. I blacked out one night over this past summer and fell and broke my arm.

I have neuropathy in my legs, for which I have a persistent prescription for pain meds. I have seven ruptured discs in my back which they can't surgically repair because of my weakened heart, which similarly, is why they can't do anything for my kidneys.

I also have cancer, which is not related to the accident, but still makes it onto my disabilities list.

I have brain damage, which I mentioned earlier. The most noticeable effects are slight speech impediments, but I also have an issue with my thought process. My short term memory is very kaput.

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(Roommate here - I'll take responsibility for that. When I asked him to tell me a few things to put in the main body, I wasn't sure whether he wanted to share that part.)

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I would in a heartbeat. He took my family away from me. If I could legally, I would want to take his life. Not his family's, because they didn't do anything to me (except for some hateful yelling during his trial.)