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Hello Ted Rosner,

Thank you for shopping with us.  <br><br>We’ll send a confirmation when your items ship.

View or manage your orders in Your Orders: https://www.amazon.com/gp/css/order-details?orderId=113-5747633-4495450&ref_=TE_simp_od

Details Order #113-5747633-4495450

    Arriving:     Friday, December 13              A signature is required at delivery.

    Ship to:     Ted Rosner     7900 CORIANDER DR APT 304...

    Total Before Tax: $408.89           Estimated Tax: $24.53     Gift Card: --$100.00

    Order Total: $333.42

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It clearly states when I place the order and the confirmation email that signature is required upon delivery

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The driver took a picture of the item at my door, even though it clearly said and I can provide a snapshot has both the item at my door and the requirement of a signature being required which I did not get. I did not choose the option of signature required, it said due to the value of the item a signature is required upon delivery oh, it also States if nobody is going to be there to accept it will be returned.

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I have no idea why this happened or how it happened? All I know is during the order it stated a signature is required upon delivery, I have screenshots of that and I have a screenshot of him leaving it at my door. Amazon has terminated my account because of this. They refuse to provide proof of signature, so I'm at a loss as they won't respond to my inquiries anymore. I guess I'm going to have to write corporate and file for arbitration are file a small claims lawsuit it.

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All I know is when I place the order, during checkout it said a signature is required upon delivery, you could expand that message and it would State the item will not be left and will be returned. There was no option for me to select whether I wanted a signature required or not oh, I'm using the app and not the website maybe that's the reason I didn't have the option? The driver took a picture a free item left at my door, even though signature was required according to Amazon. This is also happened several times where I stay home the entire day to give a signature and the driver just leaves the package and I've wasted my entire day at home.