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If you were given the chance to participate in an interfaith dialogue to foster goodwill and understanding between religions, what would you discuss?

This Baha'i is quite curious.

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Ah, a classic case of percussive maintenance! If it stops working, hit it until it starts working again!

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That's a good idea. Since almost all faiths have some variation of the golden rule, that would make an excellent starting point to compare how alike they all are.

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When assigned to a trailer, how closely do you work with the dev team? Do they give you general outlines? Plot points? Suggestions? Or do they just let you do your own thing?

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How difficult is translating neural impulses into binary code?

Could you elaborate on how it's done?

Also, what sort of processing power is required in order to do so?

Finally, what are some of the hurdles you're presently facing, either technologically or ethically?