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Is there anything you noticed in your captor, whether it be a certain look or manner of speech that would serve as a red flag for you if seen/ heard from another person?

Or, rather, can you sense if someone you encounter is capable of such a thing?

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I, for one, am tired of all these posts by Spanish immigrant Icelandic hot dog vendors. Can't we try something original for a change?

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Why did you stay with Tobolowski?

Mel Brooks > Melvin Kaminsky

Woody Allen > Allen Konigsberg

I'm not saying go overboard or anything, but Steve Tobes or something would fly easier in Hollywood, no?

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Is the decision to not directly search for life a byproduct of the ostensibly false positive obtained in the Labeled Release experiment on Viking?

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Wouldn't it be:

"Swamps of Dagobah" >> 'Oil of Peppermint' >> Autopsy