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Hi Brianne- I’m one of the heme/onc nurses where you had your transplant. I don’t remember if I ever took care of you, but I definitely remember your name. I’m so glad that you are cancer-free and advocating for others! I only work night shift, so I don’t get to see many discharges and bell rings, so it makes me so happy to come across a post like this and know that the work we are doing is making a difference. Whether I helped with your care or not, I am so proud of you!

Reddit is making me ask a question, or it will delete my comment, so... Who was your primary nurse? Any happy memories of your stay with us?

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Mama Duck is the best, and Sherri was awesome! I work BMT quite a bit (I’m the older guy who wears cat tshirts if that rings any bells). I’m so glad that there were some bright spots for you with all that you were going through while you were here :)