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Reason I asked is because I came here 12 years ago with a dependent to (h1 visa ) And finally, after 12 years and many hoops , this coming Thursday I be going in for my citizenship interview and hopefully become a USA citizen.

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Which one is a j1 visa ? where did you come from ?

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Thank you so much I do feel very proud to call my self a USA residence and soon to be USA citizen . And since beginning I tired to somehow repay the favor ( and became a volunteer and residence firefighter for 5 - 6 years ) . Also got involved in big brother big sister program.
Oh learning English was amazingly hard at the begging I didn't know much ( equivalent to high school Spanish 2 maybe 3 ) it did get amazingly easy after a year or so.

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Oh yeah for sure alot of work and fees , this and that

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Oh man 28 here also. I need that info too I have a boss that pretty similar. Also he is very good at Pointing out the negative, that's all he does place runs smoother when is off ( he is the lead on my group/team , he also Tells me I over shoot with the goals that I set. I do my own thing on the side and I make more money that way. Only reason I am at this job is insurance just married a year ago and have a little one on the way. So health insurance is a priority right now. Sorry for my English ( English is my 2nd language)