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Hey! I also have autism. How do your other conditions affect your ASD? Do you feel like you can handle them better because of it? What are you most sensitive to? Mine is sounds and crowds.

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For me, it helps greatly with anxiety in social situations. It helps regulate my neurotransmitters and shortens the amount of time I spend recovering from anything that is overstimulating. I don't lose any cognitive function taking it as with other medications that help with the same symptoms.

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I have autism, and currently take CBD oil. Has any research been done for autism with any of these substances or is any planned?

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I take it as needed, usually 10 to 15mg about a half hour before an event like a birthday party or social gathering and every four hours into the next day as I recover, or if I am feeling streseed. I take it mixed in MCT oil, and use a brand called Jaydens Juice. I work from home now and don't need it daily, but when I worked full time in an office I had to take it regularly, 10mg in the morning and 10mg mid day.

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Hi there craig! Do big cats like lions respond to catnip? Although I am aware and respect big cats are not house pets, have you noticed any similarities with thier distant cousins? Do you have any funny or cute stories to share? Thank you!