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Are you flying right now? And if so, how's the wifi?

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Do you think the Iraqi/Syrian forces can take on ISIL without more direct involvement of coalition forces?

Also, are we taking a more concerted and directed effort to train them in basic battle drills?

I was there 4 times between 2003 and 2011, and the training didn't really get serious until late 2007 for most of the IA conventional forces. I personally think it was too little/too late, and even then, we didn't focus on it because we used taskers to fill slots instead of having unit cohesion using infantry battalions.

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Do you think print still has a big future for you, or do you think your magazine will be mostly digital?

Also how hard will it be to monetize online and charge for access with so many sites being free with similar content?

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Which regiment were you in?