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Picard keeps you out of the battle.

Sisko gets you out of the battle.

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Just re-watched Grosse Pointe Blank yesterday for the umpteenth time. It's one of my favorite movies.

What is your favorite story from that shoot?


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I'm so glad to see that Garret Morris is still getting consistent work.

(Yes, I know he's on Two Broke Girls.)

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I always see these AmAs after it's too late. :( Well, I'm going to post this anyway, in hopes that somebody sees it.

I'm a big fan, of course. D2 is my favorite game of all time. I think the opening cinematic is perhaps one of the best of any game. When the Material Defender Hyper warps to Zeta Aquilae, and the Descent II logo is revealed... it still gives me chills even today.

My question is, roughly speaking, how long does it take to produce a cinematic like that? How many people work on it?

Thank you for creating such an awesome game!

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Update: because of all the wind delays, I only got to see 2 more complete races, and missed the ending. :(