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In that line of work, how paranoid are you about bedbugs?

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How often do people attempt to pawn items that were clearly stolen?

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If it's not too personal...

My daughter is being treated for strabismus (esotropia). She's slightly farsighted and glasses have seemingly resolved everything.

When you were a child, were glasses and patching tried, and they just didn't work? Or did things just gradually get worse before surgery was attempted and re-attempted?

It's really interesting hearing about this from an adult (sorry for all the questions). Thank you.

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Joe Schmo in rural BFE refuses to eat at restaurants that employee gay people. Should all restaurants that employee gay people have to have some kind of disclaimer/labeling?

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And for many businesses and organizations, their AOL account was their public fact to the world before the web -- "find us on AOL keyword...".