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Your prediction of 2012 presedential elections gave Romney a ~20% chance. That's lower than ~80% of Obama, but it was still somewhat possible. If Romney had won you would have not been proven wrong (things much less likely than 20% happen all the time), but how would you have handled it? What you would you say to people who would say you were wrong? How would you defend math?

Edit: Also, do you have any opinion on the way students are graded (not an american, so the overall stuff)? Is there anything wrong with it? Something you would change? I know it doesnt seem a very statistics related issue, but statistics play an important part in it.

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Something one must ask all writers:

  • What do you do in a "writer's block"?

And also what are the greatest difference between a good idea for a script and for a book? I'm not talking about writing, that part is obviously very distinct, but the "raw story" itself. Like what would make a story "good for a show" but not for a book and the other way around?

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I'm very sorry for your accident. I can't imagine how hard it must be. From your title I thought you were left with a stump, then I thought they had managed to get it back, turns out only kind of (still better than a stump, I guess?). I'm sorry if any of this question make you uneasy:

  • Does your tumb still work? Can you do anything with your right hand like hold things, kind of like a Lego hand? Or is too shaky and incapable?

  • Why they did not amputate the little finger too? It looks odd and unpratical... Or is it actually normal and it is just the pictures that don't give a good idea?

  • Have you ever considered procuring surgery to enhance/restore some eventual functionanility left on the right hand? Or there is nothing left to do/the risk isn't worth it/you're tired of the "surgery/post-surgery dance"?

  • Have you ever considered doing some sort of awareness capaign on the danger of certain equipment in order to prevent similar accidents?

  • Has it affected your professional life and how are you dealing with it at that level?

Keep up and best luck.

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Thank you for sharing your life experience. Not only it reminds us of the unexpected things that can happen but also how to deal with such terrible situations.

I hope everything goes uphill from here on with you and your family. You seem like a nice guy. With some work you'll surely find something.

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Sorry for only repplying now and thank you for your answers.

I'm not elegible for blood donation but stories like yours make me want to (my blood type is pretty average though. I guess they always more, nevertheless).

I'm so sorry about your professional life. Hope you find some sort of knowledge job or something that doesn't involve much handwork. There is a woman who works at place I buy my glasses (don't know whether to call it a clinic or shop) who has no hand (don't remember which one) and does everything efficiently, so I guess with some pratice you could get a job at a small business (or bigger) as long as it doesn't involve excessive body effort.

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