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it's a pet peeve of mine when people refuse to give a 1-2 simple sentence definition of a concept. Many concepts are complex and have a lot of important caveats and details, but you should be able to give a basic definition first and then build from there.

Fron reading this ama for 3 minutes (seriously little research) the "wedge" is just about trying to have a calm, rational reaction to stimuli, rather than a gut/immediate/automatic response.

It's basically a fancy/mystical term for just being calm and rational, as far as I can tell. You don't need to take drugs or sauna for 5 hours to try to be a rational person. Although I do recommend MDMA, it's a great drug :P

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For artist paints it's usually helpful to know what pigment was used in the paint, you want to know that your "cobalt" blue is blue because it actually has cobalt in it, not because it's close to cobalt. I can't see why they wouldn't just call it "rapeseed yellow" though.

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Hearthstone has a well known "pity timer". I believe the rate of legendary cards (the most rare) is 1 in 20 packs, but with bad luck it would be possible to go a very long time without getting one. So the longer you go without one it will increase the odds, right up to 100% on the 40th pack. It's not possible to go more than 40 packs without a legendary.

This is per pack type, so if you opened 20 of three different kinds of packs, you could get none, but not 60 of the same pack.

I haven't heard of any game decreasing your odds of good items right after you get a good item, but that would be pretty anti-consumer imho.

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Found footage just refers to a movie that 'appears' to be found footage. It's allowed to be faked, I think that's the usual assumption. It's just a style choice they made to have it appear to be 'real'.

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A spoon of tea. He's saying how much loose leaf tea to use.