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i think this is called an embassy

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Have you heard about the case of Ayinde Clarke from just a few days ago?

In this screenshot he confesses to murdering elderly people who are Trump supporters, thinking his reddit username would protect him.

Since you are in this field of work, can you give us an update on this case?

And if you're not familiar with the case- what do you make of this 'confession'? Do you think the person who wrote it was telling the truth?

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Where are the snowdens of yesteryear?

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Dude, pls do an ama on 4chan.

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Mr. Gladwell, I'm a big admirer of your writing and I think you're doing a great job of polularising sociology.

  • Do you think sociologists should take example from you to make their writing more accessible to the masses? Or should sociologists rather try to keep the public out of their research, since it might sensationalise and trivialise the discipline. (I believe this is the reason why Niklas Luhmann made his writing notoriously hard to read).

  • How do you respond to critics who say that your work lacks academic rigor and is therefore invalid (i.e. pseudoscience).