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HANK! I friggen LOVED Huff. I know you've said before that it was a really difficult show for you to deal with psychologically, ironic given your character's profession, but that show was incredibly touching, funny, and fascinating. Where do you think season 3, had you had the chance to continue, would have gone story-wise? I have to know!!

/also, please convince Showtime to stream the series

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How are you guys coping with your rising fame? That is, I'd imagine that networks and such are getting wise to your press releases and tricks and are much more wary about having you on. So how are you finding new ways to get the media to pay attention?

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Would love an answer to this. Additionally, do you feel that this is a more sinister and direct interference in people's lives, the nanny state run amok? I know the whole nanny state thing is largely a half-joke, but it seems like it's getting a bit ridiculous.

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Thanks Hank! Good luck with all your current projects =D