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The belief that UBI makes people lazy is incorrect. Studies have been done on it and shown it not to be the case.

Here is some additional insights into misinformation on UBI: https://www.reddit.com/r/fightmisinformation/comments/8aqy9k/common_misinformation_being_spread_on_universal/

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When asking this question, it's important to consider that there are many industries where predatory pricing essentially doesn't work. Sure, everyone needs healthcare and the doctors are firmly in the hands of billionaire predators, but if your local walmart decides next day to double their prices, it's not at all difficult for a local grocer to step in and compete. Prices in most fields will be driven down because of consumerism naturally. And for the industries where there isn't fair competition, UBI isn't really going to affect the bottom line there at all because it's already in predatory mode.

It could be argued that there are some fallbacks to UBI, but it's NOWHERE near the amount of benefits it provides. It's like saying we should block out the sun because it causes sunburn if you stay outside too long.

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Thanks for your fantastic work and efforts! One of the things I've been waiting for for quite some time is the involvement of AI in investigations, even if it's just the use of AI truth detection algorithms on videos to track down potential leads. But with lawyers starting to use AI to assist them, have journalists also found uses for that to supplement their work?

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Are you prepared to deal with an onslaught of propaganda from foreign actors? And if so, how have you prepared?

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What about posting videos with a Youtube link? Or a vimeo? Or any number of existing user-generated content sites with plenty of misinformation? How would you deal with misinformation from these posts?