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And book and the TV show he's pitching. He may not be overtly stealing anymore, but he still seems to be taking shifty ways to money.

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Do you think a type of mediator between police and victims would help? They'd preferably be a trained mental health worker or crisis counselor who could explain how the evidence was progressing. The desired goal would be getting them to follow through with the court system by validating the victim's feelings and helping with mentally healing/handling the trauma.

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Good one. I want to know, too

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Is there a chair you haven't made yet that you're hoping for someone to ask for? Underwater? Attaches to a hang glider?

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Nice. First thing that came to mind was those WWII amphibious Duck Boats that still give tours in various cities. I have MS, so may become a customer some day! Right now I get around with a cane and rollator.