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I read this entire thread and just wanted to let you know how much of a wonderful person I think you are. Taking care of someone like that requires a lot of inner strength. I've raised 2 siblings since their birth (the youngest and I being 20 years apart) and that was without them having any sort of handicap. It was terribly difficult and exhausting, so it only makes me believe just how awesome you are. Keep up the amazing work and pass along all of our love and hugs to her and your family. (: Also, for you hug

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Closer to the heart? I dunno.

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Any tips to a girl who can‘t orgasm? I started off with a basic vibrator for stimultation and I‘ve since purchased a Hitachi Magic Wand. My clitoris used to be painful to touch even in the slightest but I‘ve now progressed to toys and seems to be the only thing that feels good. I get that awesome feeling using the wand but it only lasts for a few seconds then it‘s gone, it never progresses more than that. What am I doing wrong? I‘m fairly certain if I could figure out how to make these sensations last longer I could orgasm but I‘m frusterated I can‘t progress..