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There's definitely "Fiji" and "Fiji". Haha I've been several times with my Indian Fijian husband, and we went on our honeymoon - we like to say we stayed in a five-star hotel for the first week, and then zero star with family 😂 But honestly prefer being with family. If you stick to touristy areas, Fiji is beautiful and idyllic. If you go outside those areas there's still beauty, but also a lot more poverty and also true Island living. I'm white, and where we stay I get lots of stares because it's just not common for white people to be there, which is weird when the Coral Coast sees thousands of tourists a year

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I mean, I genuinely love the real Fiji, but it's not all pretty beaches, and the lovely welcoming people might be a bit different if you're walking the streets after hours, for example, or trying to deal with bureaucracy, or trying to find an honest policeman (although they exist of course). I'd rather be staying with family than in a hotel but when we do we live in a corrugated iron house and shower in a concrete stall with a hose coming through the wall.

I remember visiting our cousin in Sigatoka from Nadi and the road was beautiful and paved the whole way, but going from Tavua to Suva and there are potholes half the size of our car (although they tell me it has improved).

Every country has both sides, I'm not having a go at Fiji by any means, it's an amazing country but you've hit the nail on the head with the "noble savages" bit I think. People are just people - a few are very good, a few are very bad, but the majority are somewhere in the middle, and saying "Bula" with a smile tells you nothing about the real them.

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I like this answer a LOT.

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Where in Fiji are you from? My husband was born in Suva, but grew up in Labasa and we have family in Tavua. Hope you're recovering well, and your father as well, you are a hero.