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Hey, it’s Vic the Dick!

First off, just wanted to say you’re awesome!

Couple of questions: was Orphan Black as great to work on as it was to watch? I imagine it must have been quite hard to record the scenes with 70 different versions of Tatiana XD.

If they’d given you the chance, would you have played the Castor clones in season 3? During the season 2 finale, I was convinced you were going to be the one 😆.

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Ahoy Vic The Dick!

You were great in Orphan Black, and a real champ taking all those injuries! Your character took quite a few knocks. But were there any actual onset injuries, during your various accidents and mishaps?

Also, I imagine filming was incredibly slow on that series, due to the way it was made. What was it like filming against Clone Club, did it ever get confusing, with all the starts and stops?

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It was an article I saw a while back. Did the rounds on social media, all the usual nonsense. I’ll try and dig it up!

Glad to see it’s since been refuted. Because, ya know, wine and cheese ❤️.

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Years of French history have told us that wine and cheese are the best combo (I've put extensive research in, and my results support this claim).

But apparently, food science says the two don't go together...

What's up with that?

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That sounds like it could be a little dicey, legally speaking. Do you need waivers, etc?