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Would you go again for non business reasons?

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After the PM2.5 Measurements made by the US embassy in Beijing and then the state stepped in to monitor the levels as well...no one calls it fog anymore..especially at 3pm.

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off to a great start ..top question

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I've been applying for work that I qualify for and those I'm a good fit. So far one interview and a bunch of no responses.

Are there somethings in the resume that would make me stand out more, layout wise.

Some say to find the hiring manager, how does one do this?

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I know most students studying abroad will go back to China and find work due to: not being able to find work in their abroad country or preference. Most do want to stay and get a good job in their focus career. Overall the life satisfaction closer to family and friends is better but salary and competition is less intense once you make it abroad.