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We asked for permission to work on our own project outside of the working hours. As a result, they do not own anything. We cannot use Ubisoft property or work on it while at work. If we were to work on it on company time, it would be theirs.

We respect the rules. As long as we do what is in our contract, we are safe.

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Ubisoft is a well managed beast. People there know what they are doing and it's not their first rodeo. Employee are well treated. I've been there for a while and the working hours during crunch is quite manageable. I never had, so far, to stay more than 50h a week or come in the weekends.

Most of the time, we are working 40h a week.

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Sure! We are building a game called Zorya. It's a two player cooperative puzzle game. You can check it out here.

The gaming industy can be cruel because it's a lot of work to create a game and new studio runs on a tight budget and even a tigther timeframe. However for us, we try to avoid pressuring our employees and to give a good amount of time and liberty. It's not always easy, but we are trying hard!

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An online software programmer has the job to create and support services. For example on reddit you can create and manage your account. These functionnality are made by an online programmer. In the game industry, I'm responsible to create and maintain such services like the achievement systems on steam or a photomode. I also work on integrating console functionnality related to online like inviting a friend into your session on xbox live or psn. It's a broad title that encapsulate everything related to online functionnalities in your games.

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For Ubisoft - There is always opportunities. Check out here.

For Madlife - Unfortunatly, not at the moment. But you can send your CV by email, if an opportunity arise, we might contact you. Check out our contact page.