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$200? How many hours did you actually work doing deliveries?

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I suggest you have a better story for the IRS.

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What are some actual numbers?

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So how long did the "SG celebrity look alikes" thread get, full of SGs who looked exactly like all the mainstream celebrities?

I remember the time when you said you were redefining beauty, then said you never said that, then said it again.

SG propaganda? File it under trash.

(Oh, and congrats on the site redesign that was so ridiculously bad, you couldn't even get people to use the site for free)

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There were one or two back in the day, and then SG went for Playboy (and in fact, partnered with Playboy) and basically got rid of any theme or standards for sets, then mucked it up even more. There are a lot of forgettable SGs,