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Also is there an optimal number of hours? Or a limit you may have discovered where the advantages start to decrease or become negative?

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Are there principles or tips/strategies on more efficient/faster decision making you discovered from your study? What can people do to strengthen this trait based on your research? (Besides playing video games) Do you have plans to test different types of games in the future or expand on this research?

Edit: changed my question since you tested for only 2 games.)

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Maybe this is obvious to you but... Do you have a process of coming up with your stories? How do you know a screenplay idea is worth writing?

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I saw videos of your family on YouTube. I have to say you and your wife are very brave and I was in awe to see the depths of your love, courage and strength to endure and adapt in the face of such a difficult journey. I have great respect for the both of you and the challenges you have chosen to take on and face for the sake of your family and children. One thing i did wonder was i learned about your experiences was if you worry about how your children will get along with each other and relate to/bond with eachother as they get older? Were/are you worried the younger one might grow up to fear his elder sister due to her violent episodes?

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yeah. i have a friend who grew up with a younger brother who had issues. they are both adults now and i think my friend really does fear his brother on some level. Definitely was a strain on his life and personal growth. Plus the dad left the home because it was too tough for him so it was only his mom. that is another reason I think you guys are such amazing parents. Your kids are very lucky to have you.